Chizuru Yoshida
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Character Name
Kanji 吉田 千鶴
Rōmaji Yoshida Chizuru
Personal Information
Nickname Chizu (Ayane)

Chizu-chan (Sawako)
Chii (Toru)

Birthday June 1
Age 15 (Debut)
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Sign Gemini
Height 167 cm (5'5)
Weight 53 kg (117 lbs)
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Kitahoro High School
First Appearance
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 0
Anime Episode 1 Prologue
Voiced by Yūko Sanpei (Anime)

Misako Renbutsu (Live Action)

Chizuru Yoshida (吉田 千鶴 Yoshida Chizuru) is a character in the series Kimi ni Todoke.

She studies at Kitahoro High School together with Ryu Sanada who is her childhood friend and is one of Sawako Kuronuma's classmates and friends.


Chizuru is a high school girl with shoulder length brown hair, and dark brown eyes. She is almost always seen wearing a bright smile. She's the tallest of her female friends, and her breasts are almost nonexistent. She is mostly seen wearing either her school uniform, consisting of a white button-up shirt underneath a yellow vest, a blue skirt, and black knee socks, or in a red and white long sleeved shirt, and denim jeans.


She is the tomboy of the group, and she even admits this when Ryu calls them brothers, where she rather argues about who is the oldest rather than that she is not a 'brother'. She can be very emotional at times usually seen humorously crying after a touching moment between her friends. She has a soft spot for innocent mannered people, so she takes a near instant liking to Sawako.

Chizuru in the manga


In Kurumi's fake rumors it was passed around that she was a former Yankee, though Chizuru just takes the rumor as a means of scaring people off or as a joke for her friends. Chizuru is mostly on the slower side of things; she did not realize that Kazehaya liked Sawako (even though she and Ayane planned many events for them) until late in the series, after they started their second year of high school. She is a close childhood friend with Ryu Sanada, who is also the son of her favorite ramen shop'

Chizuru in the anime

s owner, her neighbor, and went to the same middle school as Kazehaya. Because of this, Ryu's family regards Chizuru and her family as their own and vice-versa. She has a crush on Ryu's brother, Toru, since she was very young knowing the age gap between them. But when he visits with his fiancée, she realizes that he will only see their relationship as just siblings. She confesses to Toru, but he takes it in a family way, responding with "I like you, too".

Chizuru is also quite capable of noticing her surroundings at times, almost instantly becoming aware of Umi's distracting nature, she claimed to be jealous of how close they were, but was more concerned with the obvious intentions of distracting Sawako during their soccer practice.

In episode 05, she was wearing a shirt with the number 666 which is said to be a number of the Devil. Her last name, Yoshida, is also the last name of Haru from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, a delinquent like herself.


Ryu Sanada

Chizu and Ryu are both childhood friends. They went to the same school from grade school to high school. Ryu always liked Chizu while knowing that Chizu liked Toru, his brother. Both Ryu and Chizu have a good relationship. When Ryu's mother passed away, Chizu is the one who comforts him. Later on the story, Chizu confessed to Ryu due to unforseen circumstances and they kissed (chp 88), starting a relationship. But Ryu wanted to go to a university and play baseball, but Chizu didn't want to attend. Chizu won't stay with him because she doesn't want him to leave the town. But now they are a couple.

Ayane Yano

When Chizu and Ayane first meet, neither were fond of each other. But both of them became desk-mates and their friendship got better. Both of them met Sawako and befriended her. Ayane would always support Chizu's decisions and they would also discuss other their love relationship.

Sawako Kuronuma

Chizu and Ayane befriended Sawako after learning that she isn't scary. Chizu pitied Sawako and was always seen crying. Chizu and Ayane both tease Sawako and Shouta about their possible relationship and gave her advice about it. Sawako had also taught Chizu to make chocolate muffins to give as a gift to Ryu. Ayane, Sawako and Chizu always discuss their problems and love relationships with the boys.

Shouta Kazehaya

Chizu and Kazehaya came from the same middle school. Their relationship is good and Chizu always teases him.

Toru Sanada

Chizu has always liked him since she was in elementary school and had wished to marry him when she grew up. Toru would always laugh and pat her head after Chizu would bring an insect to him. When she learns that Toru is getting married, she pretends that it was OK, only to cry later. She confessed to Toru before Toru left the town. Toru replied by saying that he had always seen her as a little sister and that will never change. After Chizu's confession, they remained friends.


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