Episode 1
Episode Info
Kanji プロローグ
Rōmaji Purorōgu
Air Date October 6, 2009
Related Chapter(s) Chapter 00
Seating Change

Prologue is the 1st episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke.


Sawako Kuronuma is a shy high school student who is considered cursed by her classmates due to her appearance, seemingly weird and shy personality, and uneventful circumstances supposed to be happening when she is around. She was nicknamed "Sadako" as she appears very similar to the character from the The Ring. However, she encounters Shouta Kazehaya who is known to almost everyone and talks to her normally. He encourages Sawako to try to open up and make new friends.

Sawako was able to become close with two classmates of hers, Chizuru Yoshida and Ayane Yano.

Sawako volunteers to become the ghost during a test of courage. As expected, everybody ends up frightened. The last to come in the forest, Kazehaya, decides to keep her company.

New Characters


  • The character Shino actually did not have a name in the manga. She was just given the name for identification that she was her childhood classmate.
  • "Sawako" means lively child.