Title: Hōkago (放課後), After School

Date Aired: 20 October 2009

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Pin, the baseball coach and the new adviser of I-D, has asked for help on listing the names of the students on the attendance sheet. Sawako volunteers for the job and Kazehaya does too. Curious of what goes on between them, Pin calls Kazehaya to the faculty room after class, thus, leaving Sawako with the job. However, two classmates, Hirano and Endo, help her with the job. Because of this, Sawako expresses great gratitude to Kazehaya for helping her to be more honest and brave about her feelings. Kazehaya tells her that he is not the one making the change... She is.

Adapted From

This episode has been adapted from Chapter 2: After School, of Kimi Ni Todoke.


references to previous episodes


New Characters

  • Kazuichi "Pin" Arai
  • Tomoko Endo
  • Eriko Hirano

Unanswered Questions


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