Saturday Night
Episode 7
Episode Info
Kanji 土曜の夜
Rōmaji Doyō no Yoru
Air Date November 17, 2009
Related Chapter(s) Chapter 08
Voluntary Training

Saturday Night is the 7th episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke.


It was a Saturday night, and it was Sawako's usual chore to cook food for the family. But, she gets an unexpected call from Chizuru where she was invited to get their "Ramen Revenge". She then asks her parents if she will be permitted to go with her friends. Her parents, on the other hand, shocked of hearing she already had friends, immediately permitted her to go. Chizuru, Ayane, and Sawako go to Ryuu's father's ramen shop. Sawako was happy that it was her first time eating ramen with her friends. After that, they go to Ryuu's room and have fun inside it, along with Ryuu. Chizuru, saying that Ryuu was enjoying a harem party, told Sawako to call and invite Kazehaya with them using Ryuu's cellphone. Sawako nervously does so and Kazehaya agrees. He, on the other hand, rides on his bicycle towards Ryuu's. However, he sees Pin enter the ramen shop and silently goes inside the Sanada residence. He then catches the others looking at their middle school pictures where Ayane says that he looked like a pervert. Kazehaya denies the statement and sulks beside Sawako. Sawako then was called by Ayane and hugged and touched by her and Chizuru. Because of the ruckus heard from Ryuu's room, Pin hurriedly enters the room and tells them to all go home. Sadly, they do and Kazehaya accompanies Sawako home because he was going towards the convenience store. In the end, because of what she had experienced the whole night, she asks herself if she can see more of Kazehaya.

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