A New Friend
Episode 9
Episode Info
Kanji 新しい友達
Rōmaji Atarashii Tomodachi
Air Date December 1, 2009
Related Chapter(s) Chapter 10
Voluntary Training
Working Together

New Friend is the 9th episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke.


Thanks to her practice, Sawako has improved at soccer. She is also happy to see Kazehaya playing sports. Later, Sawako runs into Kurumi, whom she perceives as a friendly and beautiful doll-like girl. Kurumi takes the initiative and calls Sawako a doll, which makes her happy. Ayane (Yano) teases Kazehaya by asking him to call Sawako by her first name, which he can't do. In the meantime, Sawako starts noticing how Kurumi and Kazehaya appear to be close, and wishes to also become cute like Kurumi. Later on, Hirano and Endo allow Sawako to call them "Ekko" and "Tomo." When she encounters Kurumi, who interrupts her conversation with Kazehaya, she unconsciously starts becoming jealous, but is also happy that Kurumi is becoming friends with her.

New Characters

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