Working Together
Episode 10
Episode Info
Kanji 協力
Rōmaji Kyōryoku
Air Date December 8, 2009
Related Chapter(s) Chapter 11, Chapter 12
A New Friend

Working Together is the 10th episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke.


Everyone prepares for the sports festival, especially Chizuru, who coaches Sawako enthusiastically. Sawako happily reflects upon her growing friendship with Kurumi and her increasing awkwardness around Kazehaya. Kurumi purposely tells Sawako how she isn't special because Kazehaya always treats everyone kindly, although Sawako misunderstands this as Kurumi telling her about Kazehaya's good points. Sawako aspires to be outgoing and friendly like Kurumi, but Chizuru tells the story of how she dislikes Kurumi because Kurumi made her help the girls confess to Kazehaya in middle school, and begins to worry a bit about Sawako wanting to be friends with Kurumi. Kazehaya and Sawako eventually get to talk alone, but Kurumi interrupts the conversation. Sawako finds out that "Kurumi" is short for "Kurumizawa", so Kazehaya wasn't calling her by her first name after all. Later, Kurumi makes Sawako walk with her confesses that she likes Kazehaya, asking for Sawako's help.

New Characters

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