Day Off
Episode 17
Episode Info
Kanji 休日
Rōmaji Kyūjitsu
Air Date February 2, 2010
Related Chapter(s) Chapter 18
Night Talk
Chizuru's Love

Day Off is the 17th episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke.


One holiday morning, Sawako does her daily routine of feeding the birds, taking a shower and jogging. However, she will not be able to do her household chores because Chizuru and Ayane were coming over her house - as what she had promised her father. However, she gets an unexpected call from Kazehaya on Chizuru's cellphone and was told that Pin wants her to visit him and to heal him of his discomfort. She does, along with Kazehaya, Chizuru, Ayane, Ryuu, and their dog, Maru. It was then discovered that Pin only had a cold and was not possessed by evil spirits. After being cured by Sawako, Pin wakes up strong and light thinking that he was exorcised, along with his room. As the teenagers were to go home, he told Sawako about a secret on how to make Kazehaya happy. When they were to be separated, Kazehaya goes along with Sawako due to Chizuru and Ayane's demand. Because of the awkward silence between them, Sawako thinks of a way to stop the silence. She then thinks of what Pin had told her. She pulls Kazehaya's jacket and closed her eyes. Kazehaya, on the other hand, thinking that Sawako was preparing for a kiss, pulls himself towards her and tries to kiss her. Unfortunately, Sawako opens her eyes on the wrong time and was shocked of what was about to happen. Kazehaya, also surprised, asked her what she was trying to do. She tells him that Pin told her to pull his jacket and close her eyes for 5 seconds. She was actually doing a thank you prayer for him. Devastated, Kazehaya turns her back and tells her that he does not know what was going to happen if she does that again. Sawako, in turn, then tells herself she does not want to separate from Kazehaya.

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"It's because I have been with everyone for the whole day, it's a bit hard to separate." - Sawako Kuronuma