Title: Hatsuyuki (初雪), First Snow

Date Aired: 2 March 2010

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School continues and Chizu looks refreshed but still ignores Ryu. While walking home, the trio discusses what Chizu would say to Toru if he was to return.

Suddenly, Toru actually shows up and borrows Chizu, whom he calls 'Chi'. The two of them walk together, as Toru talks about his memories with Chizuru when they were younger. At the end of their walk Chizu confesses her feelings for Toru, only have to Toru says that he likes her too, but as a little sister. He reveals to her the real reason why he calls her 'Chi': because he likes her smiling. They part, and when Toru returns home, Ryu greets him and gives him bread from the other day the Chizu left.

Ryu then goes out to find Chizu where he is expecting her to be at: the dock side where they played with Toru for the last time before Toru moved out. There Chizu realizes that it was Ryu that called Toru to come and visit her and asks Ryu to comfort her, and they embrace.

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