Episode 24
Episode Info
Kanji 誕生日
Rōmaji Tanjōbi
Air Date March 23, 2010
Related Chapter(s) Chapter 26 Chapter 27
The Two
New Year

Birthday is the 24th episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke.


Sawako and Kazehaya walk to the shrine silently, both feeling too awkward to speak. They finally look at each other after Kazehaya saves her before she falls down the stairs at the shrine. They are about to continue their awkward silence until Chizuru, Ayane, and Ryuu (who are also stealthily at the shrine) call Kazehaya to apologize for not coming along. The two go to get hot drinks at a stand and Kazehaya admits he normally doesn't like the drink, but this time he does because Sawako does. She's excited over getting to see his first time at something, but he lists several of his first times that relate to her (like wearing the stomach band). They exchange phone emails and Kazehaya realizes Sawako's birthday is that day. She tells him about her childhood as they walk, up until the present, then realizes she had always been alone until she met him.

New Characters

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