New Year
Episode 25
Episode Info
Kanji 新年
Rōmaji Shinnen
Air Date March 30, 2010
Related Chapter(s) Chapter 27
Unrequited Love

New Year is the 25th episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke.


Following from the previous episode, Sawako and Kazehaya continue talking while they walk. She begins to say she'll try harder this year so people will like her, but he interrupts and says they already do. They visit the shrine and go to pick out fortunes. Sawako is distressed by getting a "Bad Luck" slip, so Kazehaya gives her his- "Very Good Luck". She reads the part pertaining to love and realizes it could be talking about Kazehaya. Kazehaya also tells that Bad Luck slips are very rare, and they're considered as good luck instead. They continue home, taking the path she walks to school. Kazehaya stops at one corner, and reminisces that he met Sawako for the first time at that spot. She's surprised he remembers, but has also been thinking the same thing. They continue home, each internally realizing their love for each other, but neither acting on it. They part, leaving the impression they will be together this year.

New Characters

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