Unrequited Love
S2 Episode 0
Episode Info
Kanji 片想い
Rōmaji Kataomoi
Air Date January 5, 2011
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New Year
Unrequited Love is the episode in Kurumi's point of view during the first season of the series Kimi ni Todoke.


Based on Kurumi's point of view, she retells the events of Season 1; such as her unrequited love for Kazehaya, how she observes him observing Sawako with expressions she has never seen before and how he has changed because of her. She recalls her plot of matchmaking Ryu and Sawako together, and how Kazehaya foiled her plan by taking Sawako away from the scene. She remembers Sawako ultimately giving her the courage to confess her feelings to Kazehaya, and her subsequent rejection. She buys chocolate to give him on Valentine's the next day, calling it "the first and the last", and she imagines what Sawako and her friends Ayane and Chizu, would be doing for Valentine's Day. The episode ends with her exclaiming that she'd bought him the most expensive chocolate.

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