2nd-Year Students
S2 Episode 2
Episode Info
Kanji 2年生
Rōmaji 2-Nensei
Air Date January 19, 2011
Related Chapter(s) Chapter 29
Forget About It

2nd-Year Students is the 2nd episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke Season 2.


Once again on their second year, Chizu, Ayane, Tomo, Ekko, Joe, Ryu, Sawako and Kazehaya are in the same class. Kento Miura was seating beside Sawako and he plays with Sawako. Kazehaya saw how close they are that he seems to be irritated. It was time to pick who will become class representative and Tomo nominated Kurunoma for she was really taking good care of the flowers. Chizu asked Ryu if Toru had decided when is the wedding. While Sawako waters the flowers, Kazehaya watches her at the window. Ayane talked to Shota about whom he like and if she knows her she'll help him but he answers he doesn't need her help.

Characters in Order of Appearance