Forget About It
S2 Episode 3
Episode Info
Kanji 忘れて
Rōmaji Wasurete
Air Date January 26, 2011
Related Chapter(s) Chapter 30
2nd-Year Students

Forget About It is the 3rd episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke Season 2.


Sawako still thinks that Kazehaya talked to her out of kindness. She wanted to have a natural relationship with him just like before but now she don't even know what that was like. kazehaya greeted her but she did not greet back. Miura teaches Sawako how to greet Good Morning and Kazehaya was a little angry. one of their classmate had a constipation and Sawako brought back a plant. At Kazehaya's soccer practice he was thinking that he made Sawako more uncomfortable, and he admitted that he is selfish, possessive and like things his way, Ryu also said Quick tempered. Kazehaya is bothered that someone might have their eyes on her too. Sawako had planted Herbal plants. Miura talked to Sawako and he tells about problems. Sawako taught that Miura acts natural, friendly but he's a psychic too. Ayane later asked him why he's talking to Sawako, and he tells her that it's ok he's a good guy. Miura told the class that Sawako will hold a crash course after school. unexpectedly Kazehaya attend. Sawako teaches in front of the class and their were all amazed how good she is.

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