S2 Episode 4
Episode Info
Kanji わかってない
Rōmaji Wakattenai
Air Date February 2 2011
Related Chapter(s) Chapter 31, Chapter 32, Chapter 33
Forget About It
The Person I Like

Misunderstanding is the 4th episode of the series Kimi ni Todoke Season 2.


Kento invited Kazehaya to talk to him and Kento asked him if he had already a girlfriend. Kento said that Sawako was an outcast since freshmen and he shouldn't involve because she's finally being accepted in class. If the girls saw them together they will become jealous of her because he pays so much attention to her and might become an outcast again. But Kazehaya said that he would take care of it. Ayane and Chizu had gone shopping for Toru's wedding because if she'll go she needs to look good. Chizu saw Kazehaya. Kazehaya asked her if he and Sawako are really that different and do he really not understand her. Chizu said that they are different. In the morning they greet each other so awkwardly. Ayane and Chizu became angry at her for she didn't give any chocolates to him. Sawako tells that she is getting nervous when she talks to him and can't stop being selfish. Ayane kicked Kazehaya from the back and she told him that stop avoiding Sawako. Chizu told Ayane that Kazehaya is not the type that will believe what others say that it must come from them.

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